“Alta Langa” (or Upper Langa)

The hidden frontier: the Alta Langa territory, which consists of 43 small villages perched on top of lush green and rolling hills, is located near the border with the region of Liguria; it is diffusely populated and therefore extremely calm and peaceful, with its ancient castles and remote authentic villages.
A geographical frontier: located off the beaten tourist track, this region is most appreciated by nature lovers for its unspoilt beauty and impressive landscapes.
The wonders of nature are continuously on display: the same hill, in early spring, can still show signs of winter at its peak whilst the sunny slopes are already covered in flowering broom and fruit blossoms.
An anthropological frontier: this is where the Ligurian dialects and accents coalesce with those from Piedmont, giving rise to various local varieties.
Due to its high altitude, vines, typical for the hills of the Bassa or Lower Langa, are harder to cultivate here. Sheep breeding, growing hazelnuts (the renowned “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe” variety), haymaking and growing cereal crops constitute an agricultural frontier, with greater care and respect for the environment.
Delicacies not to miss out on: Toma di Murazzano, Bra and Raschera, our amazing local DOP cheeses.