This private and exclusive cocoon of well-being and relaxation is the perfect place to spend some quality time, alone or in the company of a close friend, partner or loved one.

A two hour spa session in our fully equipped private SPA, will help remove any kind of tension in the body and quieten the mind, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and rejuvinated.

Our SWEET PRIVATE SPA is equipped with:

• Steam room (humid environment)
• Sauna 90-degree (dry environment)
• Whirlpool tub with hydromassage
• Relaxation area
• Tea, herbal tea, detox water, fruit

It is possible to enjoy a private moment of relaxation in our “SWEET PRIVATE SPA” even if you are not staying at the hotel. What makes are SPA unique is that it is for private and exclusive use only, allowing total freedom, exclusivity and seclusion, including a relaxation area.