At Corte Gondina, the month of December is a time of reflection, of taking stock and
developing new projects. Our 21st year was challenging but once again very rewarding.

After some initial difficulties (which we hope were well concealed!) we managed to create a special, close-knit team. A team of kind and friendly girls to look after you, wishing you good morning in the breakfast room and good night upon your return to the hotel after dinner, never losing their ability to smile, even when extremely busy. This year, our Christmas Newsletter is dedicated to our wonderful all-female team: Mira, Vale, Titti, Paola, Dina, Giuly, Mati and Isa.

“Take care!” How many times did we say those words upon your departure!? With this letter we would like to remind you to take care of those whom you care about and what is dear to you, especially yourselves. We are here awaiting your return.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Elena, Bruno and the entire Corte Gondina Team