Alta Langa (The High Langhe)

The hidden frontier: in this manner we can define the territory of Alta Langa constituted by 43 small villages sheltered for centuries on the top of the hills; many of those reach today barely about a hundred inhabitants.

First of all it is a region to explore, not due to its cultural heritage but rather to the natural beauty of the area.

A wonder of nature: the same hill, in early spring, can still show signs of winter at its peak whilst the sunny slopes are covered in flowering broom and fruit blossom

An anthropologic frontier: Ligurian and Piedmontese dialects coalesce together, giving rise to various local dialects. The altitude means that vines, typical of the lower hills of the Langhe, are hard to cultivate. Sheep breeding, the hazelnut-growing (Tonda Gentile delle Langhe), haymaking and cereal crops constitute a frontier agriculture, secondary, but more respectful towards the environment.

Not to be missed: the DOP cheeses Toma from Murazzano, Bra and Raschera.